Friday, May 22, 2009

Dinosaur museum and boy stuff

On Thursday, Jack's preschool class field-tripped to the Denver Museum of Nature and Science. I'm ashamed to admit, I have never taken the kids there. Anyway they are learning about dinosaurs at school right now so they went to the museum armed with a scavenger hunt to find different dinosaurs in the Prehistoric Journey exhibit. I think Brayden was slightly let down by the fact that it was just statues and displays of dinosaur bones... somehow the discussion of a "dinosaur museum" meant to him a "dinosaur petting zoo." In any case though, they seemed to enjoy it overall. We spent the day with Jack's best school friend and his family, which always makes for a good time. We also visited the Space Odyssey exhibit, and saw a show at the planetarium called "Astronaut." That was a big hit with the kiddos. Here Jack and Brayden are checking out the skull of the t-rex and some other dinosaurs.

Today we had a playdate at our house with my best friend and her two little guys, Kadin and Ashton. They are all such BOYS... my two and her two. They went outside to play and they were MOST entertained by throwing around the action figures that came with their various trucks. Such a boy thing. Brayden and Kadin especially enjoyed hanging their guys from the tree in our front courtyard.

Side note. Mr. Kadin has undertaken the treacherous journey we call potty training this past week... and he's been doing a pretty good job! He's a few months younger than Brayden, who has shown all signs of readiness, so we've decided to seize the opportunity of the long weekend (and two grown ups at home for the duration) to start working on potty training with Brayden. EEK! Potty training with Jack was such a nightmare... such a frustrating journey. Of course he's 5 now and completely 100% potty trained and I can't imagine it was ever any other way. But still, the task is daunting to undertake again. Really it SHOULD be smooth sailing... but you never know with that guy. He's a wild card. Wish us luck!

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