Friday, May 15, 2009


Oh I'm so glad it's Friday... and tomorrow I'm going to get a lot of Mommy time away from home which I'm very much looking forward to!

This morning we met Castara, Kadin and Ashton at a park in the Stapleton area. We ran into our friends Kristin and Ian there, too! The park has a great sandbox, some play equipment, and these cool hills the kids can climb on. The three big boys in our group - Jack, Brayden and Kadin played so well together. Here they are climbing the "big mountain" together just before we left. Poor little Ashton was having a rough day and not feeling great! But we still had a fun trip and visit as always though!

And I have to share a sweet story before I sign off for the night... my little monster Brayden has been driving me nuts lately.... he's a cheeky little monkey and has some serious 3-year-old attitude.
It's been hard for me because he was always so sweet and cuddly and such momma's boy till recently. Then tonight, he says to me (with no prompting - just out of the blue) - "You are the best Mommy for-EVER." And gives me a big hug. Melts my heart... so here's a little pic (just for fun!) of my sweet monster from the elementary school carnival we went to tonight.

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