Saturday, May 23, 2009

Big boy underwear

We embarked upon the aruduous journey that is potty-training today with little man Brayden. Last night he shopped for his new underwear, and we prepared him last night for the drill this morning... and he was totally ready to go. When I got up I asked him if he wanted to change into his big boy underwear now and his reply was "am I a big boy now!?" He was super excited. And he did great ALL day. He didn't need to go half the time we reminded or asked him... he's got enough of a grasp on the pee part of things already that we were mostly just annoying to him, asking over and over. He did completely love getting his stickers for his sticker chart (or "potty picture" as we are calling it) as well as his gummy bears. We only had ONE accident all day - he pooped in his underwear right after lunch and was NOT happy about it, so I'm hoping it'll be a learning experience for it and he'll have better luck getting straight to the potty tomorrow! We are so proud of how well he did today... and of course, he looks super adorable in his big boy undies. :)

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