Sunday, May 03, 2009

Lazy weekend

For the first time in awhile, we actually had a lazy, boring weekend. No running around crazy! So lazy in fact that at the end of the day yesterday I found myself thinking... oh, no! I didn't take any pictures today! It was gloomy all day, so we mostly just stayed inside doing nothing. After the boys' naps and quiet time, we did go run a few errands (and out to dinner at Red Robin). After the little guys were in bed, I got to work on my project of the moment - a "through the years" scrapbook to document the boys' school years. Sarah and I took this class at Archiver's awhile back, and I'm finally getting around to finishing the pages. I nearly finished my layouts last night, and once the boys really start school, all I'll have to do is pop a few pictures onto each page as we go along. In the end, they'll both have a really cool moment of their school years. (I hope!)

Today was cloudy again, but a little nicer. And even though it was a little on the cool side, we played outside for a little while in the afternoon. We finally go around to taking the "balance buddy" off of Brayden's bike (it's a little bar we used to push him around before he could pedal himself). Then we talked Jack into practicing riding his bike without training wheels for awhile. All his friends are already riding with no training wheels, and we took his training wheels off awhile ago because one of them was broken. So basically, it's turned into a situation where the training wheels aren't going back on, so until Jack decides he wants to learn to ride without them, he doesn't have a bike. He does have a scooter though, so he's been pretty much avoiding the bike. Jack is very much the nervous type, so the fear of falling has him avoiding the bike. Jack did a great job! The last time we tried, I knew he was very close. Today he was even closer. He's got his balance almost down... he just needs to pedal a little faster, focus (he gets very distracted!), and I know he's just going to take off!

Behind on the Project 365 layout again... hopefully will have that done in the next day or two. :)

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