Monday, May 25, 2009

Swim goggles

We went swimming this morning at our gym's indoor pool (because it was too cold for the outdoor one which is, of course, now open). We met the Gumm family there, and the kids all had a great time splashing around together. In fact, Jack and Brayden both threw fits when it was time to leave, they were enjoying themselves so much. And since Jaxon and Ashlee both were sporting their cool swim goggles, Jack and Brayden decided that they too NEED swim goggles. So this afternoon we headed out to Target to pick up some goggles. The boys had them on as soon as they were out of the package and properly adjusted. They thought they were so cool wearing their goggles around the house this evening, and they especially enjoyed testing them out in their bath before bed. Goobers.

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