Monday, May 04, 2009

Sticker fun

I kept Jack home from school today... he's had a mild cough on and off since Thursday... and while I am certain he was fine, the whole "swine flu" panic led to me to decide to just keep him home. Not because I'm worried about him getting sick... but because I don't want him to freak out other parents with his cough! So a boring morning at home... until Jack remembered our package of foam space stickers. We haven't done anything with these stickers for literally over a year. The boys sure had a field day making their space pictures... they each made several... and they made space stories about their pictures as they created them. They also decided to give most of their pictures away and planned which family members to give them to. Daddy already has two space pictures to adorn his office - lucky him! I was especially impressed with how well Brayden did with peeling apart the stickers - good fine motor skills!

We will be off to the craft store to buy new foam stickers just as soon as they go on sale again! :)

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