Sunday, May 17, 2009

In-home rivarly and a new 'do

Rob went to CSU for his undergraduate degree, and I went to CU. So as long as we've been together, there's been a little rivalry between us. In fact one of our first unofficial dates was a party at Rob and his brother's house to watch the annual Rocky Mountain Showdown. (CU won). So it's always been kind of funny since having kids to fight over what gear to dress them in. You can tell by their closets that we have more CU relatives than CSU. Yesterday Jack picked out his CSU t-shirt to wear and Rob had him running up to me to say "GO RAMS!" but he slipped up and said "Buffalo, buffalo - oh, um, GO RAMS!" Rob was just so pleased that Jack picked his CSU t-shirt that I could help but sneak Brayden's CU jersey shirt into the pile of clothes for the day, and he was sooooooo excited to be a Buffalo football player! Well what I REALLY wanted yesterday was a photo of the two of them together, but they haven't been getting along so great the past few weeks so that wasn't going to happen. And because I was gone most of the day getting my hair cut and scrapbooking... I tasked Rob with getting a photo of the day. I'm honestly surprised he took ANY of Brayden... I fully expected to come home to a camera full of CSU shirt pictures! :) However, as it turns out, Brayden was more cooperative than Jack about getting his picture taken yesterday, so there you have it - the little dude in his CU jersey. GO BUFFS! :)

And since I wasn't home long enough yesterday to have Rob take a picture of my new 'do... he snapped a few tonight while we were outside grilling some burgers. I think I got a solid 8 inches cut off... I had planned to go shorter but wasn't planning on THIS short... it's growing on me though (so to speak!). Sooooo different! (I wanted to do a before and after... but in the past two months of pictures, I can't even find one that I'm in with my hair down - so oh well!)

This week's layout is underway... hopefully will have it ready sometime this week!

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