Monday, May 11, 2009

Boring photo day

Okay with taking the photos every day, I fear that I'm getting very boring and repetitive. Every afternoon I find myself scrambling because I never took a picture... and by then the light is bad, the boys aren't cooperative, and we're doing the exact same thing every day. I'm not sure what to do... I need to find some new inspirtation or something... I'm starting to feel burdened!

Today all I could think to photograph was Jack shutting the door as he came into the garage from the kitchen. Now that it's getting nice again, we're spending a lot more time outside. And even when we're outside, the boys are always in and out of the house for something or another. And they ALWAYS leave the door open... letting out the cool air, letting in the warm air, and of course, letting in the bugs. I am constantly reminding them to close the door after themselves when they go in and out. Jack went inside for his water bottle, came back out, and started playing... till I reminded him to SHUT THE DOOR! (At least he heeds when I make these requests, and doesn't throw a tantrum like his younger counterpart).

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