Thursday, May 07, 2009

Mario Kart

Tonight Kerry and I went out for dinner... and before we headed out she came over and gave the boys a belated birthday present - Mario Kart for their Wii! After they ate their dinner tonight - while Kerry and I were at Chili's - they got to play their new game! Jack really enjoyed it, and so did Brayden, even though I'm told he couldn't quite figure out how to play it. Rob took pictures in my absence. :)


carrielyns said...

How did Jack do with Mario Kart? Ella can't drive very well at all and gets frustrated by ramming in to the walls.

Danielle said...

Jack isn't great at it... but running into the walls and driving off cliffs doesn't bother him. I think he just doesn't get that it's a race so he doesn't care how he does, he's just excited to get to "drive." (Since cars are like his obsession!) Brayden gets more frustrated though because he has basically no control. :)