Friday, May 01, 2009

Breakfast for dinner

Tonight we decided to spice things up by having breakfast for dinner (in our jammies!) - something we had never done before - can you believe that? Soon after deciding to make pancakes, we realized that we were nearly out of pancake mix, so I had to make a quick run out to the store to get more. While waiting, the boys needed something to keep them occupied, so they got busy building with their blocks. After I got home and Rob started making the pancakes, I had an impromtu composition-practice photoshoot as the boys played on the floor. Something about this photo just jumped out to me - the boys hard at work with their blocks, all cute in their jammies. Jack was so excited to wear his new baseball jammies for the first time, and we busted out some of Jack's old jammies that he's outgrown for Brayden - who was more than thrilled to be spiderman.

And one final note - breakfast for dinner was a big hit. :)

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