Wednesday, February 04, 2009

February 4

Another lovely mid-60's day here in Colorado. When we have days like this in the middle of the winter, it IS a little weird. But days like this are never unexpected in Colorado. Because the winter in Colorado isn't the same as it is in the midwest or on the east coast. Yeah, we get cold. Yeah, we get snow. But not nearly as much of either as most people think. And when it snows, even a lot... it usually is sunny enough to melt off almost completely within a few days. The cold and the snow is always punctuated by nice, sunny days... not always of the 60 degree variety, but it's not always subzero and snowing, either. People think that's what it's like in Colorado. It's like our little secret here that it's NOT that bad. :)

So because we had 60's again today, we had to play outside again. And today some of the boys' neighborhood friends came out to play too. One of their favorite things to do is all play tennis together. But this isn't your average tennis match. It's tennis CHAOS. Balls flying everywhere, parents ducking for cover, rackets swinging all over the place... it's nuts. And it's HILARIOUS. Today Rob got the boys a little organized. He had Linus (5), Oliver (3), Brayden (2), and Jack (4) all in a line, and tossed a ball down the line to each of them in turn. It worked out pretty well. And they all looked SO FUNNY waiting for their turn to hit!

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