Thursday, February 12, 2009

February 12

Look at these two little lovelies! Am I not the luckiest Mommy on earth or what? Jack's Valentine's day party at school was yesterday and today, and he got to bring home all his goodies today. He's such a good big brother, he decided all on his own to share one of his heart-shaped lollipops with Brayden. So after eating a good lunch, they each got their lollipop. And for whatever reason, they both wanted to sit on my lap to eat them! Thank goodness Daddy was home... and even more amazing, realized this was a great photo opportunity! Usually I have to remind him... hey, do you think you can take a picture with me in it every now and then? I know partly he's intimidated by the BIG camera. But he's also just not "I should be photographing this"-minding like I am. Anyway... something about all these photos lately actually has the boys being somewhat... dare I say it... COOPERATIVE in front of the camera! (KNOCK ON WOOD!) I'm getting more... "take a picture of ME Mommy's!" than "No I don't want you to take my picture!"'s. Amazing. And now, thanks to my loving husband, I have a wonderful picture of me and my boys, which I already treasure!!!

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