Sunday, February 22, 2009

February 22 and Week 8 Layout

Now that Brayden is nearly 3, it's time for us to start thinking of getting him out of his crib. Not a transition I have been rushing to do, because I know once he's "free" during sleep times... sleep is going to be scarce and he's going to be even more of a wild animal than normal! In any case, part of this transition is going to be moving Jack from the bottom bunk of our bunk beds to the top. He's been sleeping on the bottom bunk for about two years now, and Brayden has been in his crib. Jack has been a little hesitant about HIS transition though. So today we started planting the seed that he'll be moving to the top bunk soon, and trying to get him used to this idea. Much to my surprise, he was more willing than he's been when this has been mentioned in the past! He climbed right up to the top and then wanted to play up there all day! Brayden of course was more than happy to join him. So they spent quite a bit of time on the top bunk today, and Jack was ready to sleep up there tonight if we'd let him! We just weren't ready yet! Still, we're glad to see that when the time comes, it seems he'll be ready!

And now... this week's layout! For the second week in a row, I'm really happy with how this turned out! I can't take credit for the design... as usual I used a template. But some just come together so nicely! I especially liked how M Originals, the designer of this template, used her template for her layout last week, and I mimicked her design for my layout this week! Click the image to see it larger...

Credits: Kit - Hanukkah Funukkah by Peppermint Creative; Template - M Originals; Font - Marydale

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