Saturday, February 21, 2009

February 21

This little monkey is our adorable godson, Ashton James. He's my best friend's youngest son, and he celebrates his big 1st birthday on Monday, February 23. Today was his birthday party at the Easter's home in Erie. We of course were thrilled to be able to celebrate his big day with him! Jack and Brayden had fun at the party, and especially enjoyed the yummy monkey cupcakes! Ashton on the other hand wanted nothing to do with his special giraffe cake. Jack didn't want his cake on his 1st birthday either. Maybe Monday when there aren't as many strange people watching he'll be more interested in his cake. :)

Today was birthday party craziness for us... we went from Ashton's birthday party to my mom's house for a birthday fiesta for Chris. It was a nice low-key time with yummy mexican food (cheesey peppers, taquitos, tacos, enchiladas...) and family.

After a full day of running around, I'm exhausted! Hopefully I will have my Week 8 layout to share tomorrow!


Rochelle said...

Cute picture! Any chance the Easter's you were referring to are Melinda and Kris?

Danielle said...

Thanks! And it's a different set of Easter's - Mike and Castara.