Wednesday, February 18, 2009

February 18

Well it was a rough day in the Roe household. Brayden is a cranky cranky beast. One of the reasons being that (I think) he's struggling with sharing Mommy (and everything else) with Kate on the days we babysit. Today was also the first day that Jack was at school while Kate was here, and I think that made it a little harder on him, not having his playmate and partner-in-crime with him. In any case, naptime was a much needed break for ME... and everyone else! Kate is still working on naptime over here... when she woke up from her nap Chris and Sarah were on their way over here to pick her up, but she almost immediately fell back asleep on my shoulder. When her Mommy and Daddy showed up, she just moved to them and continued the nap. So Chris and Sarah hung out for awhile to let her keep snoozing. She was so stinkin' cute crashed out on her Daddy with her little fist in her face. Poor sleepy little thing! Apparently this is not something she does often, so it was kind of a sweet early birthday present for Chris, whose birthday is tomorrow.

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