Friday, February 20, 2009

February 20

Oh happy day! We got our tax refunds today. Now in a perfect world this would be like our little version of winning the lottery... but in reality we'll just save the money because we'll probably need it to get through the year. However, it's still fun - even just for a day - to see that big balance in our bank account. I mean really, it only happens to us once a year. :-) So to celebrate our "less poor" day... we decided to get chinese food for dinner - real chinese food, not just the usual Panda Express. We tried a place in Parker that my brother and sister-in-law recommended earlier in the day. It was yum yum yummy! Rob and I are both still STUFFED. Funny - my fortune cookie said something along the lines of, "You will reach your goal if you can stay on track" or something to that effect... ironic as I pig out on chinese food while trying to lose a little weight. :-) In any case, the best part of dinner was actually the boys... Brayden especially is usually a picky eater but they just chowed down! And ultimately they decided to try and use chopsticks. Nothing like novel eating implements to help motivate them to EAT! They were so funny trying to manuever the chopsticks. It was definitely an amusing display of hand-hand-eye-mouth coordination! This picture of Jack eating a noodle with the chopsticks just cracked both Rob and I up when we saw it. He's such a little goober. A side note - today was a really good day for Jack. He has a really hard time warming up to other kids - especially younger kids. We had Kate today and it's like a lightbulb went on and Jack was so NICE to her all day! He admitted that they are friends and he really is starting to like her. For the fact that he'd hardly even look her direction a couple of weeks ago, this just melts my heart. I sure love that little guy. :-)


Amber said...

haha, too cute. chopsticks usage is a lost art that all people should have! Note to self: use chopsticks to eat at all times and then I can't possible eat as much.

Danielle said...

So funny Amber - Rob was saying after dinner last night... how are asian people so skinny when there food is so delicious and essentially makes us so fat? I was saying... it's the chopsticks! It forces you to eat slower so you fill up after eating less! I agree. We must from now on eat all food with chopsticks. ;-)