Thursday, February 26, 2009

February 26

Today's photo is not nearly as interesting as our day was... but I didn't spent much time behind the camera... I snuck in a few pictures of Brayden sitting with our neighbor's tractor which he was playing with. We had a very active day... a playdate with one of Jack's school friends, then came home and played outside (after some quiet time) with all the neighbors. While we aren't always thrilled with our neighborhood or our house... we live in the perfect little spot for the boys. There are six boys (including Jack and Brayden) in their age range in the building around us, and overall, they all get along great! Today everyone was out and had a great time playing even though by the time we headed in it was FREEZING! Gorgeous day, but as soon as the sun sets, brrr! And the wind - I'm so over the wind!

I have yet to start this week's layout... I usually plug my pictures into a pre-made template as the week goes on, but I hadn't found a template I wanted to use this week till tonight. So now I have some catching up to do. Better do it before I fall behind... like I'm doing on every other project I'm working on right now!

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