Monday, February 16, 2009

February 16

We had kind of a busy morning... our best friends were down on our side of town and came by to visit and play, and then we met up with Rob for lunch at Red Robin. So because of all this Brayden got a late nap today... and consequently at 4pm I had to go wake him up so that hoepfully he'd go to sleep tonight! (And as I write this, he's been in bed for half an hour - but isn't sleeping yet!) I was hoping to snap a picture of him sleeping, but when I opened his door, it woke him up a little. So instead of a snoozing picture, I got an "I'm a little grouchy about you waking me up" picture. He's laying against his polar bear stuffed animal - he actually sleeps with more than 20 stuffed animals in his crib. Three blankets, too. He uses this big polar bear (which my dad gave me as a college graduation gift) as a pillow, basically.


carrielyns said...

hey, we ate at Red Robin for lunch today too!!! Great minds think alike. ah! ~ Carrielyn

Mom2Drew said...

Hey there! I wanted to let you know about my felt food. I googled "how to make felt sushi" and then, kinda winged it. I found 2 patterns that showed you how to do it, but like you, found most of the patterns pretty expensive for what they were. If you email me at, I'll tell you exactly what I did.