Friday, February 27, 2009

February 27

Can you tell that today's picture was taken on my little Canon PowerShot and not my big daddy Nikon? Funny how unacceptable the quality of these pictures on my little digital is to me now... but I can't (or don't) bring the big guy everywhere. Today, I just happened to have my little Canon in my purse for our playdate at McDonald's with our neighbors! It may appear that the boys are all sitting together nicely and eating but do not be deceived! They all had a few bites... and then were totally over the whole "eating" thing... they had to get up and play! That is, everyone except Jack. Jack stayed at the table and finished his whole meal before joining the rest of the boys. He's very disciplined like that. The other three went about their way, and would stop back to the table for an occassional bite of chicken nugget or a fry or an apple slice. Or a sip of their drinks, of course. All that running around makes you thirsty!

The best part? My boys were wiped out after all this fun! Or maybe it was the fact that they were both up before 6am? Okay I don't want to think about THAT part. They were tired from PLAYING. ;-) We got home and Jack crashed on the couch and Brayden went down for a nap without much of a fight. They even went to bed a little early tonight. Here's just hoping they aren't up before 6am again tomorrow... it is, after all, Saturday! (KNOCK ON WOOD!)

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