Thursday, January 29, 2009

January 28 & 29

Blogging every day is hard! I'm TRYING! I think it's the fact that after the boys go to bed and I have an hour and a half before I usually turn in for the night... and I should honestly probably go to bed even earlier than that to get a good night's sleep!

Yesterday was a rough day. Rob's company is making some changes which impact our finances and basically just make that much more difficult in these troubled times! I won't carry on about that though. The point is, it was a rough day. And I was grouchy. I've still been grouchy today. But I just uploaded the pictures I took yesterday and found this gem. My boys. Could I love them any more? Even on the worst day, these two just make me smile. I look at this picture and I think about how less than a year ago, I was worried taht these two would never be friends. More than two years after Brayden joined our family... Jack was still not at all interested in the big brother gig. My heart was just broken about it. A little more than six months ago they started sharing a room and an amazing friendship blossomed from there. Brayden has always adored Jack, and I can honestly say now that Jack adores him too! They are just the cutest little BFFs. I sit and watch them and think about how lucky they are to have each other, constant playmates, and hopefully friends for life.

And today, we went to the library. I love library day. We never used to go to the library. I'm not sure what was wrong with us! I may never buy another book again. Okay that's probably not completely true but I do love the library. So do Jack and Brayden. The new selection of books keeps them entertained for weeks. We come home with TONS of books. And I LOVE that they love to read. I hope it's a passion they never lose.

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