Tuesday, January 27, 2009

January 27... take two?

Okay well not sure why it wouldn't let me put this picture in the other post but whatever!

Anyone else get new phonebooks like every couple of months? Well we got another set over the weekend. Tuesday is recycling day so we had to figure out which phonebooks to keep and which to toss into the bin. Jack saw the phonebooks sitting out last night and for whatever reason decided we couldn't get rid of them, he wanted to READ them. I assured him that even if we recycled the old phonebooks, we still have others left for him to reas. Sure enough as soon as he was home from school today, he asked where the phonebook was cuz he wanted to read it! So we had to pull out the phonebooks (because of course if Jack reads the phonebook, Brayden wants to read the phonebook too!) for the boys to read. Does it make me a bad mom to say my kids are such little nerds? I just had to LAUGH. I think they got the idea from one of their TV shows, Imagination Movers. But still. It was just hilarious. Here Brayden is checking out something apparently interesting in Jack's book. He's got his own book on his lap too though. Nerds!

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