Friday, January 23, 2009

January 23

My kiddos have nap or quiet time every day, if possible. Jack doesn't need the sleep during the day THAT much anymore... but I still need my OWN quiet time! Now that they share a room (it's been about six months), they have to be in seperate rooms during their siesta time, or else there is no rest! So since Jack is more flexible... he hangs out in our room during his quiet time. He usually sits on our bed, plays cars, reads his book, and listens to music. Every now and then though, he decides to set up camp on the floor. It is always so funny to go into our room to wake him up (if he stays awake - he comes out at exactly 3:00pm - we know he's asleep when it's 3:01 and he's still up there!) to find him sleeping on a little makeshift bed on the floor! So cute! Even though he's almost five, he's still my little guy! :)

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