Tuesday, January 27, 2009

January 26 & 27

Ever just have one of those weeks? I'm just not in a great place the past few days. Maybe my stomach virus or whatever it was has had an impact on my mood... I don't know. In any case, it's affected my photography/P365 as well... in that I'm just not feeling inspired! When I do try and take a picture... I feel like it's not turning out at all like I'd want it to. I'm feeling my camera's limitations - or maybe it's mine - this week. My house just doesn't have enough LIGHT. My camera doesn't handle digital noise well at ISO 800 or 1600 and that's basically the setting I need to use for most of my indoor pictures. So it's frustrating me! However... it is what it is and I won't be getting a new camera anytime soon, so I need to somehow get over this or learn to work with these limitations and not take it personally. Can you tell I'm whiney? Did you sign up to read THIS? Probably not. So I'll get on with the pictures... cuz even though I'm not thrilled with them, I took them, so here ya go! :)

Monday we stayed home from school because I was still a little weak from the stomach but and didn't feel like operating heavy machinery was in the best interest of my family. :) Plus it was FREEZING outside. So we stayed in. The boys have been using the big blue bucket that holds all their balls as a basketball hoop in the living room. Well for whatever reason, after a rousing game of basketball (Jack and Brayden style), Jack decided to climb into the bucket (feet sticking out, as you can see) to watch TV. I thought it was just so goofy, so I grabbed the camera. Well as soon as he saw it he furrowed his brow and me and said, "MOMMY. I don't WANT you to take my picture right now." Priceless.

Okay well now blogger won't let me upload my second picture. Figures! Will try again in a few....

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