Wednesday, January 21, 2009

January 21

Jack loooooves to play cards. That is, he discovered a deck of cards, and has since kind of made up his own games to play with it. He's learning a lot of the basic concepts, like suits, rank, pairs... even more complicated things like straighs, flushes, and full houses. Still his games were not very concrete. A few weeks ago when Rob and I were out of town, Uncle Ryan was over for awhile, and he managed to teach Jack how to play "War." He really liked it, and that was all he wanted to do for a few days... until reverting back to his own made up game. Well this past weekend, Rob taught him "Go Fish," and he caught on immediately. He loves it! He wants to play all of the time now. In fact learning "Go Fish" kind of set him off on a learning-spree with games... he has since started playing games like Memory and Chutes and Ladders... which we've had for awhile, but he never really wanted to play. "Go Fish" is still his favorite though! Here he is playing with Daddy this afternoon when Daddy came home for a lunch break!

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