Friday, January 16, 2009

Here goes....

Okay so I've been thinking about starting a blog for... looks like about 2.5 years. By my "first post," that's when I signed up for this blog site! Obviously, I've done nothing with it. :) Well that's about to change... for a lot of reasons! First... I love photography and take tons of pictures usually every day and want to share them! Second... I have a million other projects going on I like to talk about (and share pictures of!). :) Third... I think this is a great medium for writing about and sharing (and down the road, remembering) what is going on my life and my family's life. Last... I've decided to undertake "Project 365" - a project where I take at least one picture every day... and in my case I'm going to be putting together weekly scrapbook pages highlighting my photos of the day for the week. I'll share those here as well.

Soooo... here goes!

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