Saturday, January 17, 2009

January 17

Okay so here's my first daily photo. I have so many projects that I'm working on that it's hard to imagine keeping up with this every day, but I'm committed! Taking the pictures is no problem, I already take photos almost daily. It's the rest that's daunting! Posting and scrapping them! But in any case, here's January 17. I have photos for most of January but am not going to backtrack and post those, I'll just share the week's layouts when I get them done.

Yesterday afternoon one of our neighbors made a little sledding hill out of the pile of snow in the corner of the parking lot, where the plowed snow for our little corner of the neighborhood ended up. There are six boys between the ages of 2 and 5 on our little corner... Jack and Brayden's neighborhood friends. (Random fact - all six boys have birthdays in either March or April - 3 in each month). Last night they went sledding with a few of them, and then we went back out today to play some more, this time on our own. This picture is Jack standing on top of the sledding hill.... waiting for Daddy to help Brayden up to the top with the sled so they could sled down together.

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