Tuesday, January 20, 2009

January 20

Well today was an historical day... the inauguration of our 44th president. Four years ago, I snapped a picture of Jack (who was about 9 months old) near the TV while President Bush was taking his Oath of Office. Today, I felt compelled to do the same thing during President Obama's inauguration. Brayden and I watched the ceremonies live while Jack was at school... but he wasn't being THAT cooperative about taking a picture. I DVR-ed the whole thing, and I was pleased to pick Jack up from school to hear that they had talked about the new president at school today! Jack was one of two kids in his class who knew who Barack Obama was! Proud Mommy moment. He asked if he could watch the new president on TV... so I put the inauguration on for him. I was surprised to see that a four, almost five year old was so excited about our new president! While we were re-watching, I took a picture of Jack and Brayden together with the TV during the Oath of Office. It's not a great picture, but it serves the purpose!

All day today Jack has been pretending to be Barack Obama. He has Brayden alternately play the role of his vice-president, or the former president. He's given several speeches, and speaks fondly of the white house he is going to move into when he leaves our green house! He really wants President Obama to move to Colorado. The way the hero-worship has evolved today, you'd think we were a whole lot more political - and democratic - around here! In any case, I am proud of him and his excitement about history in the making, and I hope someday he remembers this!

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