Thursday, January 22, 2009

January 22

Today was another nice, unseasonably warm day in Colorado. It's supposed to be the last day like this before some more normal January weather moves in. So of course we took advantage and went to the park again - 3rd time this week! We went to a park I'd never been to before by Uncle Chris and Aunt Sarah's house. Jack and Brayden had been before with Grandma and Kate and Kate's other Grandma, Bev. Today we met Sarah and Kate there. The boys loves this park for the "tractors" - those digging things that you sit on and move the handles back and forth and scoop up dirt. Jack is pretty proficient with them, but Brayden is a little small yet. So I try and redirect them to the park's other amenities... like a balance beam, bells, slides, swings, and a new favorite for Jack and Brayden... pipes with kind of megaphone-like openings - which you can talk to each other through like a phone. I have no idea how to explain it or what it's called, but they love them, and tell each other knock-knock jokes through them. Here's Brayden listening to Jack. :)

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Rochelle said...

How cute! The warm weather was really nice. I'm sad that it's gone.