Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Yesterday and today...

Jack has recently started having his quiet time in our playroom more often than in our bedroom. It's a nice break for me to be able to get into my room during the day... and it also means he sleeps less and plays more... but sometimes he still just tuckers out and falls asleep, even in the midst of all that fun stuff. Not sure what I'll do when he gives up the rest time altogether and I no longer have MY quiet time! :)

Reading has been a struggle for me lately! I think I may have been doing too much reading and I'm burned out again. I'm fighting to get through the same book I've been reading for weeks... maybe even months? By the time I turn in for the night, I just don't FEEL like reading anymore, and during the day, I spend my time catching up on so many other things! I'm so "behind" that I have started to accumulate a pile of books on my dresser which have been passed off to me to read. I really want to read ALL of them... but the stack keeps getting bigger and bigger, as I still continue to attempt to finish the book on my nightstand! For now... I guess they just look pretty in the sunlight on my dresser! I *will* read them all............ eventually.

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