Monday, August 17, 2009

Busiest weekend ever.

Okay not really. But wow, it was a crazy whirlwind few days!

Back when I started learning photography, I took a class called "12 weeks to taking better photos" on a website called 2 Peas. It's primarily a crafting/scrapbooking website, but has a big photography contingent too. As I took the class, there was a forum to participate in with questions and for feedback on photos, etc. I was still regularly visiting this site to ask my questions and what not when talk of a "Pea meetup" in Denver began. As time went on I visited this website less and less, but I was still on the mailing list for the Denver meetup.

Well this meetup happened over the weekend. About 20 photographers from around the country (and even one from Australia!) converged upon the Denver area for a get together. Several of us were locals, most were not... and all are avid photographers. I can't even imagine the net worth of the equipment that was hauled around by this group!

I definitely feel like I was at the learning/lower end of the group personally, but it was still a great group to be with and learn from and we had a ton of fun! I participated in a BBQ turned maternity shoot, an urban kids shoot in downtown Denver, and an engagement shoot in the Denver arts district on Santa Fe. I took a TON of pictures and have been so busy with all this, as well as Jack's first soccer practice, preschool meet 'n greet, kindergarten orientation, moving some furniture from my house to my brother's and my mom's, and from my brother's to my mom's, and my mom's to here... I haven't even had a chance to LOOK at the photos yet. That's my project for tonight (hopefully!). Then I promise to get working on them and share them hopefully this week!

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Jami said...

I had such a great time this weekend, and was so happy to have been able to meet you! Your boys are so adorable, and your husband is such a trooper!