Wednesday, August 05, 2009


Brayden continues to work his way through a difficult phase. In fact, both of the boys are having a rough week - honestly the worst week we've had in recent memory. Over the past couple of months though, Brayden vascillates between wanting to do everything "ALL BY MY SEWF!" or complete helplessness where he refuses to do anything without help. It's quite maddening. Amidst the chaos that was our day, I'm thankful that at least he chose to get himself dressed today. He is SO GREAT at dressing himself, so it's funny to me when he says he can't do it and needs help. He's a good year ahead of Jack in the getting dressed department... we were still prodding Jack to do anything for himself as far as dressing went at age 4. Brayden is 3. Here he's stuck pulling his shirt over his head - such a cutie. Later while putting on his shorts he says "Mommy I need HEEEEWP!" Then flipped his shorts over (they were backwards and says "Oh no. I can do it ALL BY MY SEWF!" And then started singing "All by myself." Such a goober.


Amy said...

First, I have to tell you that I am always amused by the backgrounds of your photos. We have the same toys and they frequently seem to be in the same positions (upside down, crashed into a wall, etc.).
More importantly, though, I need to tell you that my oldest two have given me a run for my money this week. I am truly struggling for survival. I don't ever remember behavior this trying and I'm hoping it passes soon.
Like you, I have an amazing husband who is not only supportive and helpful, but who also brought me a bottle of wine tonight. Better than flowers, I tell ya.
Hang in there, girlfriend!

Danielle said...

Yes, I imagine you have a few trucks around your house! :) At least one of those we have been borrowing from a neighbor for well... to long. And we have limited room. So I took it back tonight - LOL! It's interesting to hear though that you are struggling this week too. I am so not superstitious... but can't help but wonder, is it the impending full moon? I mean seriously - I need SOME kind of reason! Can I ask what you have found the most challenging ages to be, so far? 3 has been our worst, but 5 is not shaping up great either. I just don't even know what's gotten into Jack lately, he's just a wreck, which is so out of character! Brayden is always challenging, but has ramped it up a notch this week! Anyway - YAY for your wine! Did you get the salad supplies ever? I just finished my glass of wine, and now will retire to my bed. :) Talk to you soon! :)

Amy said...

Whoever invented the term 'terrible two's', did not have children. Three has BY FAR been the most challenging age at our house. And now we're finding out that age 8 isn't so easy, either. It comes and goes in waves at our house. The boys take turns being the #1 stinker of the household. Then they'll be an angel until stinkership has made it's way down the ranks and it is once again their turn to amp things up.

No, I do not have my salad ingredients as of yet. Looks like I'll be having string cheese for lunch AGAIN!

Hang in there!