Sunday, August 02, 2009

The weekend!

Starting with Friday... we went up north to Erie to hang out with Castara and her boys for the morning... which quickly turned into the afternoon... and the boys all got along great! But because it was such a long day away from home, and Rob was going out to play poker with the guys for the night... I didn't feel like making dinner. SO... I got happy meals for the boys and we had a picnic dinner in the living room while having a movie night. The best part - they ate so well! Yay!

Saturday was Jack's last baseball game. We're so proud of him - he learned so much and overall had such a great season! Now, apparently, he wants to play soccer! After the game they had a little get together with the team (and donuts) and all the kids got trophies - engraved baseballs, organized by us, via Uncle Kelly! They seemed to be a pretty big hit with the kids!

Saturday was also our sweet niece Kate's 2nd birthday! We stopped by to say happy birthday and check out her birthday present (a motorized princess car) after baseball... and then her birthday party was today! Her party was at an indoor play area called Romp n' Roll in Highlands Ranch. The kids all had so much fun, and Kate was treated like the little princess that she is!

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