Friday, August 14, 2009

Scrapbooking and park fun

This is the scrapbook that I was SUPPOSED to complete on Wednesday night. I knew that was two pages away from finishing up my 2004 scrapbook... the year of Jack's birth. All day I had planned to finish it after the boys went to bed. All day I had planned to take a picture of it when I finished it to use as my photo of the day, because this scrapbook was a huge accomplishment. Not that I don't have other scrapbooks... but this is the one where I *finally* caught up enough to scrapbook pictures of my kids' lives... well, only one of them in this book, but to have Jack in a scrapbook was huge, because I have been SO FAR BEHIND in my scrapbooking... not only that but had the ridiculous idea to go back to my high school pictures and start there... taking those photos out of their old albums and putting them in nice scrapbooks. Essentially, I started in 1995.

HOWEVER. Wednesday was drama day. Everything that could go wrong did. And by the time the boys were in bed, I did not want to scrapbook. I did not want to finish 2004. I did not want to take a picture of the day. So this is the book I was SUPPOSED to finish on Wednesday, but didn't. Because life happened instead.

(I did finish it Thursday - yay! I have scrapped 10 years over the course of probably two years now, maybe more... only five years to go!)

Thursday morning Chris called us up and wanted to hang out at the park, so we met him, Sarah, and Kate at O'Brien park in Parker. It was HOT! The kids cooled off with popsicles, played on the jungle gyms, played with sticks, and we had a picnic lunch. It was a fun trip and a great way to put the previous day's drama behind us. Brayden's favorite part of the day was this spinning seat thing - I really have no idea what it's called. But he fully enjoyed going around and around... especially with Uncle Chris. Here he is in mid-spin.

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