Saturday, August 22, 2009


Yeah... I disappeared. I've been BURIED since last weekend's craziness. No matter how hard I try, I seem to be making zero progress on everything. :) I think I've finally got all my P365 pictures caught up though... so here goes!

As I mentioned, I was lucky enough last weekend to participate in a gathering of photographers... a group of ladies from the 2peas photography message board got together in Denver, and I tagged along. :) Friday night we had a BBQ at the home of another local Pea... who happens to live just down the road from us. She was so sweet to host all of us... including my whole family! We hung out, chatted, and then had a spontaneous maternity photo shoot in Farrah's backyard (she's pregnant and having a scheduled c-section THIS WEEK!). Well little monkey that Brayden is, he wanted it to be all about HIM! So in order to get him OUT of all the photos of Farrah at the top of the hill... I brough him and Brayden down the hill a ways and took some pix of the two of them together. They are such goobers. Such a cool setting though!

Saturday was day two with the Peas... they did a "trash the dress" photo shoot at Chatfield State Park in the morning... which I (sadly!) skipped so I could go to Jack's first soccer practice (which, by the way, was good!). In the afternoon they had an "urban kids" photo shoot in downtown Denver. Being a local, I brought the boys to be "models" for the photo shoot. :) Our little family arrived downtown early, so we wandered around, and I got some pictures of the boys. Later I was able to shoot (photograph, that is) some of the other kids too... but sadly with the chaos of about 20 photographers meant I wasn't focusing, and thus, my photos are out of focus. However, I did get this gem of the boys together - probably the best picture we have ever gotten of the two of them together. Lots more cute pix of them from the trip downtown... some of which I posted on facebook... but most of which I've hardly had a chance to look at, due to the craziness of this past week!

The last official day of the Pea Denver get together we went to the Sante Fe arts district in Denver to do an engagement photo shoot. The couple is friends with one of the other local photographers. When they volunteered to model for us a month or so ago, they were just dating, but since then, he proposed, so this was an actual engagement shoot! They were both gorgeous and couldn't go wrong... we all had a lot of fun with them. Of course, again I wasn't focusing, so I didn't notice the ginormous smudge on my camera lens till halfway through the shoot. I really enjoyed the more creative shots I got, like this one of them holding hands, but from the waist(-ish) down!

Back to real life after the photographer's weekend... Monday we had Jack's kindergarten orientation, Brayden's preschool meet 'n greet, and we picked my mom up from the airport. She was "visiting friends" in California. ;-) I brought my camera with me... I don't know why, because I hadn't gotten a picture yet that day, I guess? Wasn't quite sure what I was going to take a picture of... but DIA is a very unique structure, so I thought I'd just try and shoot it off my shoulder while driving. Really safe, right? Well it became especially comical when we circled around the passenger pick-up lanes a full FOUR TIMES... because first my mom wasn't ready, then she was on the wrong level, then we didn't see her............. and finally we were able to connect. Yipes!

Tuesday was our last day of summer. Last day off for both the boys. We stayed home and kind of laid low. And the boys played with play doh. I hate play doh. The boys love it... but to me it means little crumbled, dried up pieces of bright colored play doh all over the table, the floor, and everywhere... which *I* get to clean up. After a crazy morning though, I was glad for the break while they made a mess... at least there was peace for a few minutes. :)

I'll leave it at that for now... and catch up on the first days of school and this weekend tomorrow. I'm exhausted, and need to get to bed for now! :)

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Melissa said...

As soon as I saw that first pic on facebook, it put a huge smile on my face. Your boys are so adorable Danielle! Again, great meeting you.