Sunday, December 06, 2009

Week 49 (November 30 - December 6)

Brayden's preschool hosted a "Preschool Science Night" tonight for the kids and their parents. There were three rooms with different experiments using water, gas, and solids. The boys' favorite was this one with a ketchup packet in a water bottle full of warm water. If you squeeze it, the ketchup packet sinks! Brayden had to use ALL his muscles to squeeze the bottle enough to sink the ketchup!

It's December! That means we can break out the Advent calendar and start the official countdown to Christmas. I made this paper craft Advent calendar a couple of years ago. Each day you take a tag out of one of the numbered pockets. Last year Brayden didn't really get it, but this year he and Jack already have a plan for Jack to do the odd days, and Brayden the even days, all the way to Christmas!

Rob's been working long hours lately, and when he gets home, the boys are all over him. Usually, the first thing they want to do is play cards. So they've come up with a "three way war" game they can all play together, so they BOTH get to spend time with Daddy, RIGHT NOW. Jack was quickly eliminated from the 3-player game tonight, and was very upset about it. After recovering slightly, he sat watching, not-so-patiently waiting to get back in the game.

The boys both love their dry erase "workbooks." Brayden did handwriting at school today (specifically the letter "C"), so he wanted to do more letters when he got home and busted out the workbook. He was holding his marker invertedly, and didn't want to correct it, but I finally talked him into holding it "right." He was very proud of himself! And then had to concentrate VERY HARD to trace the rest of his letters! (I think his mommy makes the same face when concentrating!)

Rob and I went on a date this evening... Christmas shopping at Target and dinner at Olive Garden at Southlands mall. We got a lot done and then had a delicious meal. We both tried something new off the Olive Garden menu, definitely two new favorites. We even got a free dessert because my meal was a little delayed in the preparation! After dinner we drove down Southlands Main Street to get a closer look at the beautiful Christmas lights and decorations. A great date night!

Saturday mornings are still basketball mornings. Some weeks are harder than others for Brayden, who has to sit on the sideline. Usually our neighbor Lisa is the on the sides with us because her son Marcelo is on the team, and Brayden likes to play with her iphone. She wasn't here this week so Brayden was sooo bored. It's hard to just sit and watch. Toward the end of practice he noticed the balance beam on the gym stage. That kept him busy and happy... for a few minutes, at least.

It's a cold and snow Sunday, so we stayed in and attempted to stay warm! The boys played some guitar hero, watched the Broncos win, and Jack had to do a little bit of homework in preparation for the coming week. We were sitting together thinking of "H" words when he put his pencil behind his ear, and doing so he just cracked himself up! He said he looked like "Handy Manny," thus coming up with his last "H" word, "Handy!"

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